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Grace Period Gone for Federal Loans

Although congress voted last minute to keep interest rates on student loans from doubling, the 6 month grace period — as well as the grace period for students seeking advanced degrees — went away on Sunday. Students will now be responsible for paying the interest on their loans immediately after graduation, and those students completing graduate work will be required to pay the interest on their loans as they take classes.

Judge Rules for For-Profit

A D.C. judged ruled in favor of For-Profit institutions, calling the new regulations established by the Department of Education “arbitrary and capricious”, saying they “lacked a reasoned basis”. The regulations stated “at least 35% of recent graduates are repaying their loans; loan payments eat up no more than 12% of graduates’ average annual earnings; or payments consume no more than 30% of graduates’ average discretionary income”. For-profits that failed to meet the measures would have lost access to federal loans in 2015.

Student Sued for Being Smart and Speedy

The School of Economics and Management in Essen, Germany is suing former student Marcel Pohl for $3,772 for finishing both a BA and a MA in just three semesters. The university wants to regain tuition they feel they lost out on by Pohl finishing ahead of schedule.

Washington and Wisconsin Receive No Child Left Behind Waivers

Washington and Wisconsin join 26 other states that have received No Child Left Behind waivers by the Obama administration. The waivers are given in exchange for the states to improve their current evaluation methods. The Department of Education says the waivers are temporary measures until No Child Left Behind can be rewritten to address concerns from Congress and educators alike.


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Hi I’m Julie Larsen and this is the BreakDrink Weekly Dose for the week of June 25th, 2012.

Sandusky Found Guilty, Focus Shifts to Penn State

After Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of 45 counts of abuse last Friday, attention has shifted to the next steps for Penn State. Athletic Director Tim Curley and retired VP Gary Schultz still have to face criminal trial, and the results of an internal investigation by the university have yet to be released. Several of the victims have made it known they plan to pursue legal action against the university for failing to address complaints and concerns that were brought forward.

Judge Rules in Favor of Augusta State Counseling Program

A Georgia judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought forth by a graduate student in the Augusta State counseling program who claimed the university was infringing upon her religious beliefs by requiring she learn how to counsel gay individuals in a supportive way. The student believes that being gay is an immoral choice, and was required to complete a remediation plan in order to meet program guidelines. Augusta State claims they are not infringing on religious beliefs, and must require their students to meet the guidelines presented by the American Counseling Association.

University of Virginia Reinstates President Sullivan

In what may be higher ed’s biggest summer drama, the University of Virginia voted to reinstate President Sullivan on Tuesday. Rector (Chair) of the Board Helen Dragas apologized for the turmoil over the past two weeks, but stood by her decision saying “we did the right thing the wrong way.” Dragas then voted to reinstate Sullivan saying that, “real progress is more possible than ever.”

Agreement Reached in Student Loan Debate

It appears that Congress has reached an agreement and will pass a bill to extend the 3.4% interest rate on federally subsidized loans by the July 1 deadline. The bill is not expected to face any challenges as it is coupled with a federal highway bill which is expected to create up to one million jobs.


College football teams will start a playoff system in order to determine a champion in 2014, taking the place of a solely rankings determined championship game. Many fans and players alike booed the BCS system, which often left the best teams out in the cold based on win loss records. The decision does not seem to have solved the problem completely — coaches and players are still unhappy, and athletic departments are concerned about revenues.



Following a few technical difficulties (Julie awkwardly fills the space, but you should use the time to watch your favorite version of Call Me Maybe), Gary and Julie were joined by Conor McLaughlin, host of Life Work Balances, last week.

We talked graduation speeches and other fun topics galore. View a few of our favorites below. See you all in the Fall!

You Are Not Special – speech from Wellesley High School

Andy Samberg at Harvard Class Day

Bill Cosby at Temple University

Neil Gaiman at University of the Arts

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Morrill Land Grant Act Turns 150
The Morrill Land Grant Act is about to hit 150 years on July 2nd, but university and agricultural experts are not quite ready to celebrate. While the number of students interested in agriculture and food/farming majors have increased in recent years, the cost of running these programs have increased as well. Many programs are looking to build in a more global focus to their programs as a way to possibly find funding from other sources.

President Obama Announces Undocumented Students Will Not Be Deported

Last Friday President Obama announced that undocumented students who were brought to the United States under the age of 16 by their parents who also meet other requirements will not have to face deportation. While the announcement brought cheers from many, the policy still falls short of the DREAM act which many have been attempting to pass for the past year. While the policy does not specifically address higher education, administrators and educators believe it will have a positive impact as undocumented students feel more comfortable and willing to pursue a college degree.

Emails Give Insight to Sullivan’s Ousting

A series of emails that have been leaked by the student newspaper at the University of Virginia suggest that the future of online education may be at the root of the Board’s decision to release Sullivan from her position. The emails suggest that a high profile donor wanted  UVa to do more with online education and open courses citing similar programs at Harvard and Stanford. While Sullivan nor the Board has confirmed, in past comments Sullivan has stated that while she supports online education, it cannot be a “quick fix to raise money” as others like to believe.

Yale and Departmetn of Education Settle Title IX Complaint

After a complaint in May 2011 that Yale administrators did not do anything to address a hostile environment on campus, the Department of Education has finished the investigation and reported that Yale “university under-reported cases of sexual harassment and assault by “dozens” of cases”, and must do a better job making students aware of the resources available on campus. Yale officials say they are happy with the outcome, and will be more than willing to make adjustments.

Pew Report on Asian American Students Under Fire

After releasing “The Rise of Asian Americans”, the Pew Research Center is under fire from Asian-American student advocates. Claiming that the report greatly oversimplifies the struggles Asian-American students face, many believe the data simply perpetuates the Model Minority Myth. Among the complaints, the survey has a limited sample of the Asian American student population, leaving out Hmong, Cambodians, and Laotians — which are typically have higher poverty statistics.

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